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Sparkleen Home - Update - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are operating safely with enhanced cleaning and in line with the latest guidance

  • As we emerge from the pandemic, cleaning will remain an evermore important service for public health

  • We are more than ready to ensure your environment is protected, safe and clean

  • We have enhanced cleaning methods and issued updated guidance to combat coronavirus

  • We have implemented additional policies to keep housekeepers and customers safe

  • Social distancing measures are being conformed to in line with government guidelines

  • Specialist cleaners are on standby for deep cleaning

  • Service standards managers have been increased 

  • Further details below...


Sparkleen Home - Update - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

To Our Community, 

We are writing to you to provide an update on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and outline our plans during this period. 


We continue to operate in line with Government and World Health Organisation guidelines. As we emerge from coronavirus, cleaning will remain an evermore important service for public health. We take this incredibly seriously and are more than ready to ensure your environment is protected, safe and clean. We have implemented a number of measures to ensure you are better protected from the potential of airborne and surface particles. We realise as your cleaning service that we have a part to play in delaying the spread of the virus and protecting our customers :


Your cleaner will be placing a greater emphasis on the cleaning and disinfecting of certain areas, including but not limited to:

  • Door handles

  • Light switches

  • Hand rails

  • Tap handles

  • Common areas

  • Entrances and exits


  • We would ask that if you do not have a disinfectant product that you purchase one for your cleaner to use; Dettol is a recommended product for disinfecting. You can buy liquid or spray for use in these areas. If you do not have this we can still use existing soaps you may have but we would recommend, if you can, to purchase a disinfectant.

  • We recommend that you remove your footwear and any outerwear on entry into your home, your cleaner will do the same on entry.

  • We recommend that you wash your hands on arriving and on exiting your home, your cleaner will do the same during this period.

  • We would ask that if you are self isolating or have any symptoms at any point, that you cancel your booking that week until you feel better, we will also do the same should your cleaner be in the same situation.


We realise that there is a great deal of uncertainty around at the moment, but it does now seem that the government is preparing for an extended period of transmission, so we do expect social distancing to continue for some months.  


On this basis, we do not see this as a temporary measure but one which will remain in place for the foreseeable future. We will obviously review this in due course but rest assured we are putting all of our efforts into combating coronavirus and ensuring you are better protected at this uncertain time. If you have any questions about anything related to the above do not hesitate to get in touch.


Warm regards,


Team Sparkleen

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